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Office of Research Affairs

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Office of Research Affairs


  The Office of Research Affairs is responsible for providing administrative leadership to develop research and technology at the university by supporting and coordinating such activities and overseeing ethical and regulatory compliance by insuring its dissemination into the national and international sectors.



  1. Review and determine research funding for faculty members, and conclude research contracts
  2. Cooperate with the deputy deans of research for each school
  3. Provide research affairs consultations to faculty members and others
  4. Handle affairs related to the Centers of Excellence
  5. Handle affairs related to research laboratories
  6. Handle affairs related to national and international conference trips
  7. Handle affairs related to national and international sabbatical leave of absences
  8. Handle affairs related to book publication (compilation and translation) by the University Publication Center
  9. Handle affairs related to university press publications
  10. Handle affairs related to research grants for Ph.D. students
  11. Conduct affairs related to the funds managed by the supervisors for governmental and non-governmental scholarship students
  12. Promote prominent faculty members based on the highest research scores
  13. Cooperate, communicate, and engage in research difficulties of subsidiary divisions
  14. Provide statistics and reports on the university’s research activities
  15. Prepare research workbooks
  16. Support the M.Sc. and Ph.D. students in the framework of “National Geniuses Foundation

Tel:  +9821-77240449

Fax:  +9821-77240447

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